Magnesium is present in several processes in every human body. Therefore it is very important to observe our body for any of these 12 signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

I will teach how to deal with it and how to detect any magnesium deficiency.

We know that if your muscles have cramps or we feel tired it is very certain that you have a lack of magnesium in your body. The truth is that the general population has not been informed about the serious consequences that your body may suffer, and this is due to an important fact.

Here are 12 signs about the lack of vital magnesium to identify.

1. Cravings for Salty Foods and Chocolate.

A little known indicator is the desire to eat candy or salt.

This indicates the need for some minerals, it is very likely that the greatest deficiency is magnesium. To start in women both in menopause and in the period this mineral is very consumed.

Another factor would be a strong emotional load that would consume more magnesium to the nervous system, lastly in intense sports they consume this mineral quite a lot.

2. Muscle Discomforts

Discomforts such as cramps, contractures, tingling, numbness, tremors are a reliable indicator of magnesium deficiency.

Many people daily suffer from cramps, restless legs, numbness, trembling, or tingling, some of them very annoying and frequent. You should know that if this is happening to you it is very likely that you need an immediate magnesium intake.

The most convenient combination is to take magnesium and food with a good source of vitamins D, E, and B.

A recommended trick to do is open a couple of capsules, mix it with water and coconut oil to give you a massage at night before sleeping in the affected area. This definitely works.

3. Nervous System Alterations:

The restlessness, panic attacks, phobias, insomnia, anxiety, hyperactivity are another indicator that is reflected more than anything in the mental state of people.

Before talking about insomnia due to magnesium deficiency, it is important to understand other factors.

The lack of magnesium in the muscles creates muscle discomfort such as cramps, contractures, tingling, numbness, tremors as mentioned above. This is already a precursor to a poor quality dream, now we must add to this the fact that magnesium is vital for the nervous system to be relaxed at the body and brain level.

The rest of nervous system disorders related to the lack of magnesium such as anxiety, hyperactivity or phobias occur depending on the degree of deficiency and varies from person to person.

4. Degeneration of Cartilage and Bones

The appearance of diseases such as osteoarthritis and joint pain are also a great indicator.

Recently, magnesium deficiency has begun to be related to cartilage degeneration and other diseases such as osteoarthritis and joint pain.

Another important aspect to comment is that in elderly people the risk of fracture is greater due to the lack of minerals, since they usually present a certain weakness in their bone density.

We have already talked about the relationship of magnesium and calcium and its importance in the formation of a healthy bone system, with very new data, studies and facts.

5. Vomiting and Nausea

Chest tightness and difficulty breathing deeply are symptoms to be taken into account immediately in the absence of magnesium.

An important lack of this mineral, in fact, can degenerate into heartburn by not being able to counteract our body, the acidity produced by the same acidic foods we eat.

In addition, permanent heartburn can develop unpleasant burning, reflux, even vomiting, nausea chest pressure or difficulty breathing deeply.

In certain cases there may be difficulty swallowing or a lump in the throat.

6. Lack of appetite.

A strong nervous system is only possible with this basic mineral. Your daily contribution is essential for good relaxation, without it, your lack creates a lack of appetite, which is preceded by nervousness and anxiety.

Unfortunately all this I can go to more and increase the chances of entering very low and dangerous emotional states.

7. Fatigue or Tiredness

Other very common signs are that in the morning upon waking you find fatigue or weakness.

This information is very important to understand since if you do not have enough energy it is because you do not consume magnesium every day.

Stage of life Recommended amount
Adolescents (girls) from 14 to 18 years old 360 mg
Men 400–420 mg
Women 310–320 mg
Pregnant teenagers 400 mg

To create energy our cells magnesium is vital for certain reactions. As a result we see people of all ages with fatigue in the morning upon waking, weakness, fatigue, with little or no mobility and very low energy.

8. Constipation.

Constipation is relieved with a diet rich in fiber as we well know. Now, a great benefit that magnesium has is its relaxing effect on the whole body.

Also at the intestinal level, its consumption promotes the necessary intestinal functions, such as movement and retaining enough fluids to have periodic bowel movements.

9. Headaches and Vertigo

We can also add jaw pain and tension.

A lack of magnesium can cause dizziness. If we are deficient in vitamins A, B, C and D this further increases the chances of having a severe headache.

A lack of magnesium alone can cause migraines (usually pain only on one side of the head) or headaches. The reason for this is because when there is a lack of magnesium, your blood vessels in the brain expand and narrow very quickly, and it causes this pain.

10. Hypertension.

Tachycardia, abnormal heart rhythms and coronary spasms are other extremely important indicators.

The reasons have already been explained above. Magnesium is present in many functions and in order not to get into too many explanations we simply name these symptoms as well.

11. Spasms

In the eyelids, in the esophagus, in the stomach or intestine.

The lack of magnesium produces spasms in the eyelids, in the esophagus, in the stomach or in the intestine.

12. Photophobia

The difficulty to adapt to the light, vision of lights with eyes closed.

Photophobia has been related, that is, the difficulty to adapt to light, and the vision of lights with eyes closed to the fact of being with a lack of magnesium.

More possible symptoms of magnesium deficiency …

Other recent studies have also mentioned as possible symptoms that appear to be related, with a lack of magnesium such as: tingling around the mouth, menstrual cramps or hypersensitivity to noise.

Note: If you could identify some of these symptoms in you by reading this article, I advise you to start taking a completely natural and safe magnesium supplement.

Our natural with 60 capsules for 1 month is now available in online store. It is a much requested supplement for its versatility to solve multiple problems.

Vicente Martinez





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