Discovering the magnesium

A new approach with Doctor Teresa White chiropractor

When I moved to the U.K to expand my Nutraceutis company to the Anglo-Saxon world, I never imagined that certain formulas would fit for certain uses. But without a doubt, this one that I am going to tell you is very interesting and of great help for me and for others.

Whenever I have had to do removals or hard work I have suffered from l low back pain. I had heard about chiropractors and in Alicante, I went to one several times. The truth is that his treatments were very weak and without major changes.

They also did not do any tests or x-rays to determine precisely what my situation was and what type of adjustment and treatment I should receive. 

Well, that was several years ago. However, when I first visited Dr. Teresa White’s clinic, before starting the treatments with her I received a full and thorough exam for more than 45 minutes and I had several x-rays. 

When I returned to receive the results that the doctor had found, she again gave me excellent service and explained everything perfectly. 

A perfect adjustment.

Wow what a difference in your technique. And what a relief from the first day of adjustment. Awesome!

As Naturopathic nutritional therapy, I was taking a formula of Natural Magnesium at night, composed of sulfate and a hexahydrated chloride that I was already marketing through my online store.

And I explained that I was doing great and it helped me to have my nervous system with the necessary daily magnesium recharge and to relax muscles and well many other benefits such as that helped me to evacuate every day in the morning since I used to suffer from constipation.

After several visits, Teresa White chiropractor informed me that she had realized that my recovery had been very good and explained that magnesium and especially this formula had had a lot to do with it. She explained that this particular formula helped the treatment to work even better.

Later she started taking the natural Magnesium capsules and gave me a great testimony about how much it had helped her muscles due to the long work days she sometimes has to do.

Pain relief and improve results.

Finally, she started recommending my brand in capsules to achieve better progress in her patients. From a medical point of view, Miss White explained to me that many patients due to the stiffness of their muscles because of the pinched nerves in the vertebrae, it becomes more difficult to obtain a short-term result and that the fact of putting the patient with a daily dose of magnesium substantially improved progress and improved short-term results.

Teresa White said that this particular formula worked better than any other she tried in the last 20 years.

Currently, many of his patients are already regular clients of this wonderful mixture of magnesium. And of course, Dr.Teresa White is still delighted with it as well.

Personally I highly recommend Teresa White to be the best Chiropractor I have tried out of all the countries I tried chiropractors from. I have seen a patient come more than an hour and a half by car just to receive her treatment. People look for her because they don’t find anything or similar to her level of skill and ability. You must find out where she is if you need a good chiropractor, I highly recommend her.

She has given me her consent so that you can contact her either to receive your help for the first time or to have a second opinion.

Teresa White, Doctor of Chiropractic, completed her BSc degree at the University of Toronto in Canada and then moved to England in 1992 to study a 5-year chiropractic degree at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC) where she obtained an honors degree BSc (Human Sciences, Honours) and an MSc (Chiropractic).  
     Telephone: 07791087107

She  adjusts me every 2 weeks and for me it is very necessary not to suffer more migraines with those horrible pains and pressure behind my eyes.

      Vicente Martinez