How to make a general body detox?

There are several nutritional supplements that help us in this process, since most are depurative, draining, diuretic, detoxifying, and accelerate the release of waste.

When we look back through history, we will see that man in antiquity certainly did not have healthy hygienic measures, both internally and externally.

It is logical to think that by not having running water, difficult habits were made, which nowadays seem so every day, as a simple bath or shower. Of course, internally, neither considered a good intake of uncontaminated food or pollutants, nor a sufficient contribution, something as purifying and necessary as is the water to drink.

if your outdoor hygiene left much to be desired, imagine how they would be inside without the slightest culture in nutrition and balanced diets!

With our current lifestyle, with all the comforts and modern luxuries within our reach, we consider these circumstances an unsustainable hecatomb. We have advanced infinitely in many areas. We use technology almost since we were born. Our evolution is gigantic in the field of science but if we take a look at our body inside, we might be frightened seeing that we are practically as contaminated as our ancestors.

5 simples way to make a general body detox

  1. To deal with this saturation we recommend, as a first option, a controlled fast. You can fast for 24hrs. or it can be only with water, fresh fruit juices, or herbal tea, for the less tolerant.
  2. Another option is to eat the same food throughout the day, for example, brown rice, grapes or other types of fruits. The human body includes a complex depurative system where the liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, and intestines work together in detoxification. But please … do not complicate it! We must collaborate in this process with food and bioavailable nutritional products.
  3. Consume an alkaline diet, regularly ingests detoxifying and draining food.
  4. The hygienic and preventive measures, the practice of breathing and periodic fasting, are an excellent way to have a detoxified organism … be able to achieve a physical and psychic balance that helps us to achieve the harmony that we all desire in our lifetime.
  5. Follow our special nutraceutis program.

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Cleanliness and body hygiene

How is it possible that with such awareness of cleanliness and body hygiene that we have, with that desire to always smell good and that no one can categorize us as unsophisticated, we are not able to transfer it to our interior, to our internal cleaning?

We should be as clean on the inside as on the outside, to say the least! That would be the right thing and the healthiest.

You can almost say that without being clean inside it is impossible to be on the outside.

It is true that gradually we are becoming more informed of the importance of cleaning ourselves, of the bioavailable food, of the cleaning protocols …. Although we must recognize that we are still light years away from doing it with precision. The way of proceeding during a lifetime blinds us to the magnitude of such a reality.

We can not turn our back on the fact that our digestive tract is an accumulation of toxicity and contamination.

As we have mentioned on other occasions the filters of our car, we change them every so often, because we know thoroughly that they are dirty, that they do not filter well. The car does not pay a hundred percent!

However, we are not sufficiently aware of when our body is not able to filter, because of the accumulated toxicity in excess!

Our organism is not substitutable !!!

Importance of a general body detox

We have no doubt that in these times, we are subjected to the most varied forms of internal contamination.

At present, there are many factories emitting toxic gases into the atmosphere, all kinds of chemical products to ingest, as well as cosmetic products, products for hygiene and for the home, all of them for daily use.

For this reason, especially if we are not informed … it becomes very difficult to get rid of these forms of unconscious intoxication. It is necessary to know. Wake up, so they do not catch us unprepared. The information is always our ally.

The degree of intoxication varies according to the age, the general state of the person, the route of penetration of the toxic, and the amount thereof.

It is possible that on some occasions, the organism comes into contact with harmful substances in a gradual way; that is to say little by little without hardly realizing then slight, but progressive pictures are generated and can become chronic. That’s why you have to be very alert, to know how to interpret them.

How do we are affected by the toxic?

Toxics basically affect cells. The manifestation of this toxicity is reflected in the different systems and organs (circulatory system, heart, bone marrow). At other times it is the skin that is affected. There are many people who show it through the liver and bile ducts. It can also affect the immune system, with the uncontrolled proliferation of different cells, (an autoimmune disease). Logically, the kidneys are the organs that are more exposed to damage, since they filter and accumulate toxins.

The accumulated toxicity in our body affects the nervous system, both central and peripheral. Mercury and lead affect mainly this system likewise they are depleted, devices such as the reproductive, respiratory, endocrine … All these substances do not remain in the most superficial layer of the skin but are absorbed and pass to the blood, causing ailments of all kinds.

In many parts of the world, there are regulatory laws that clearly specify that consumer products can not contain substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic … but a simple glance at the labels, even from well-known and prestigious brands, shows that the laws they are not respected

How to get rid of toxins – general body detox

An intoxicated body has a high level of accumulated toxicity, either environmental or food, or even both in most cases.

The products that we do not need, after having completed the phase of cellular metabolism, should not be inside us, under any concept … As well as the substances that penetrate us through air and water. All this arsenal is deposited in our interior being the true cause of the inadequate performance of our body.

In this situation, we can only do one thing: CLEAN US !!! The best way to clean something that is dirty is always with water. Water carries away dirt because it transports waste substances. It purifies, helping to eliminate toxins through sweat, lungs and skin. It is the medium in which the cells communicate and repair them. Oxygen and nutrients are transported through our water to our tissues.

Another very important factor is fasting. A good fast for a day, providing enough water, ensures a deep clean.

These are the two most important pillars on which we base the bases of detoxification.

There are also nutritional supplements that help us in this process, since most are depurative, draining, diuretic, detoxifying and accelerate the release of waste.

When trace elements are consumed such as calcium, magnesium, iodine, zinc … it activates the production of body energy and a certain hormone, which prevents the retention of liquids.

In this way our body regenerates better, being able to assimilate more intensely the necessary nutrients.

it would be interesting for every healthy person to initiate these processes without waiting for our own organism to remind us of it.
With this cleaning of our body internally, symptoms such as tiredness, paleness, dark circles, congestion … even pessimism or irritability will disappear.

Substances that cause intoxications

Current consumption habits have a very negative influence on our health. The soft drinks, the alcohol intake, coffee, sweets and refined flours … in general any excess of chemicals, preservatives, sweeteners, dyes, what they do is saturate the natural cleansing mechanisms of the body.


Breathing and feeding are good remedies to combat the harmful effects and detoxify. The breathing fulfills an important mission in the cleaning and cellular purification.

Other substances that we usually consume are: Polyacrylate, Rayon and Asbestos that are used in the manufacture of tampons, sanitary napkins, and wipes; Phthalates, with which deodorants, creams, enamels, perfumes, etc. are manufactured; Phenol and Phenyl, is used in mouth rinses; Tars, Alumina, Formaldehyde, Fluorocarbons, Triclosan, Sodium hydroxide and substances derived from petroleum such as paraffin.

General Body Detox Overview

Carrying out a liver detox not only involves the knowledge that we have described in this article but turning it into a lifestyle. It is very important to know the root of the problem and how to take measures to avoid body contamination.

We have to make the greatest effort possible to improve our lifestyles and thus improve their well-being and health.

Author: Vicente Martinez