I will explain clearly and concisely the consequences of milk consumption.

As you know, all mammals go through a period of breastfeeding. Breast milk is very necessary for a good construction in the body of a newborn, and determinant for its future health.

If this milk is of quality, the baby will obtain the necessary nutrients for the formation of its organism and will also acquire the substances required for the creation of a good immune system and a complete and effective intestinal flora.

Humans, by the way, are the only ones who consume milk from other mammalian animals throughout life. The rest of the species do not mix the food of other living beings in their lactation period.

Females of lactating species make the most complete food possible to meet the physiological needs of their offspring. And this food has been proven to contain the substances necessary for breeding, ensuring proper assimilation of nutrients for their offspring. With their proper genetic and physiological correspondence that their offspring can assimilate.

How does milk react in humans?

After the lactation period, the most natural thing would be to stop the consumption of breast milk of our species and of course not to consume others.

We have been repeated again and again in the media, for at least 3 decades, how good cow’s milk is for the growth and health of our bones. Or that protein (Casein) is excellent for our diet.

This habit is not something implanted a few months ago as you know, and by the way, in this core, there is a large industry with considerable pressure in the economy of Western dairy-consuming countries.

And when you go to supermarkets and large areas you can see the wide variety of milk products as something very normal and harmless.

As the 21st century entered, technologies advanced and made it possible to create clouds with the facility to store and obtain or dispose of data globally, communicating to millions of people interested in finding the right data in a sea of ​​lies prefabricated

Falsehood discovered about milk consumption:
«Cow’s milk is very BENEFICIAL to health since it is rich in protein with excellent qualities.»

The protein found in cow’s milk is excellent and with a large number of nutrients, perfectly assimilable by the digestive system of the offspring of their species.

But unfortunately in humans, children, and adults, its poor assimilation generates toxins and impurities that internally acidify us. That is why we can see how in children the daily consumption of milk creates a lot of mucus and dirt in the circulatory system.

In the 21st century, independent information and research have brought to light the truth of many data given by certain. In serious research, it has been proven to be false. Explaining and demonstrating the harmful effects on the body when consuming dairy.

Where do you get calcium if you don’t consume milk?

I mentioned before the media which have hammered us again and again with the issue of milk consumption to have an appropriate

source of calcium. But unfortunately, this is a strategy built for decades by dairy companies.

A false strategy!

Our body does not assimilate the calcium in milk completely and it tends to pile up in different parts of the body. Some places are outer part of joints, organs, arteries … etc. I do not say that calcium is not important for our body. It is and especially for the bone system.

We recommend you read our article:

What has to be understood is that our body works using combinations of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, etc. to assimilate or absorb nutrients. For example, I like to look at the body holistically, as a whole, that is, in its absorption functions, it includes many other minerals.

And to correctly assimilate calcium, it has been shown that it needs to be in adequate proportion with other minerals. To mention some of these are: magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, cobalt … etc.

Our bone structure is not formed only of calcium. We will find up to 74 minerals distributed in specific percentages. The consumption of certain amounts of artificial calcium only, is an incorrect form of consumption, from my point of view. Because if we understand the above data on how the body absorbs minerals, then we will understand why it must be taken and absorbed by other minerals.

That said, it is easy to understand why cow’s milk, if not absorbed properly, will tend to be deposited in different parts of the body incorrectly.

What then are the sources of calcium?

Did you know that fresh fruits and vegetables have a lot of calcium?

There is all the calcium you need in the plant kingdom and also easy assimilation. You do not need to search other sources.

We can see in many animals, completely vegetarian, how they grow strong and healthy. Such as bulls, buffalo, zebras, antelopes, deer, elephants … etc.

Recent studies on the consequences of milk consumption

Recent studies have stunned the most skeptical about this controversial issue of cow’s milk. The results obtained in a study between women consuming cow’s milk and non-consumers were very decisive.

Loss of bone density in women entering their 50s.

In the NO consumers of milk, the loss was 18% while in those who did consume cow’s milk, their bone loss was 35%.

Let’s see an example with the United States. Being the largest consumer of dairy products in the world, it is also the country with the highest number of cases of Osteoporosis. It is a true contradiction that supports the facts presented here.

However, if we go to the area of ​​Asia, where there is no habit of eating cow’s milk, the studies resulted in the lowest rate of Osteoporosis cases in the world.

Consequences of milk consumption: The dairy industry and its strategy.

An added danger to all of the above is the mass production of large dairy companies, which deliver a fair and clean treatment in processing. With the well-known techniques for intensive breeding that include hormones, medications, and other chemicals.

This aggravates the situation even more since these substances act inside the body in a negative way as expected.

So it is no longer just the accumulation of calcium, intolerances, allergies, or problems of the epidermis and excess intestinal mucus due to milk in terms of its composition. But we can also be exposed to hormonal disorders and de-generative diseases as part of the consequences of milk consumption.

Vegetable drinks, the healthiest alternative.

The best vegetable drinks that we can find in organic stores, herbalists, and supermarkets with an ecological and vegan zone are:

The drinks of:

  • oats
  • rice
  • spelled
  • soy
  • almonds
  • hazelnuts

These could be combined with natural flavors of coconut, vanilla, chocolate, lemon or cinnamon. I can tell you that I personally like the combination of rice + coconut + sea salt or hazelnuts + chocolate. This is definitely a pleasure for the palate.

Now you can do two things with the data you just learned:

1. Change the way you eat, eliminating dairy products.


2. Continue with its consumption and accelerate the deterioration in your body with all the consequences of the aforementioned milk consumption.


Vicente Martinez