Postage and Delivery

UK & Europe

We are currently shipping within the UK and Europe via royal mail with very low rates. Some packs such as “General body detox” are free shipping and this is not charge when you do the final payment.

Shipping time: 3 – 4 days

  • 1 kg UK Standard
  • 1 kg International Standard Europe
  • Local Pick up
  • FREE SHIPPING. Your Order is more than £ 30


We ship to any state in the USA with a standard cost.

Shipping time: 7 – 14 days


  • Weight ( 1 product): 100g
  • Price: $8 USD


Latin America

Currently we are shipping to all countries in Latin America excepting Mexico due to customs regulations. Due these circumstances we strongly recommend that you use a mailbox via USA and then ship it to your country. Commonly these mailboxes are called P.O. Boxes and your product would be potentially arriving within 20 days.

This system is also recommended for Central American countries where we have succesfully sent products to.

Aproximate cost: 10 USD.

Shipping and delivery time: 10 – 25 days.

Asia, Australia & Oceania

We are now working out the best shipping solutions in order to put this option in our purchase system. If you are interested to buy our products at this moment please send us a message at so we can send you a estimated price and ship your product.

Australia & New Zealand

Shipping and delivery time: 5 – 7 working days.

Price: 11,08 AUD ( per 100g )