Throughout the last 150 years of history, we have seen various epidemics or pandemics.

Epidemic:  a widespread disease affecting many persons at the same time, and spreading from person to person in a locality where the disease is not permanently prevalent.

Pandemic:  a disease prevalent throughout an entire country, continent, or the whole world; an epidemic over a large area.

The Spanish Flu in 1918 was a great catastrophe, with more than 30 million deaths worldwide in the course of just one year.

Misleading Information

We are being bombarded by a multitude of information related to the new flu called COVID-19 or Coronavirus.  We must learn to discern for ourselves what type of information can help us and which should go directly to our “mental wastebasket” and then dump it to the corresponding bin for perfect recycling.

For us, there are certain data and factors that we must take into account, such as the fact that not only is this virus so important, this debris from the detoxification process itself, but the terrain or environment where it is allowed to expand.  So not everyone gets the disease despite getting the virus.

More cases are occurring in the elderly because over the years they accumulate toxicity in the body, they don’t do much exercise, and above all, they are usually medicated because of some ailment, which depresses their immune system.

For this reason, the stronger our immune system, the easier it will be to overcome the virus infection.

Preparing for Pandemic Flu: Steps & Tips

  • Boost the immune system and promote the expulsion of toxicity from the body.
  • Take care of your diet: Consume fruits and vegetables and decrease the intake of meat and fish and hydrate yourself well.

In order for us to get sick from the new pandemic, 3 factors must align:

  1. The presence of the virus.
  2. The environment that facilitates its spread.
  3. The terrain that welcomes and favors this spread.

If the virus finds an environment to spread but the terrain where it needs to settle does not host it, the disease cannot develop itself.

Therefore, the best way to prevent COVID-19 is to boost our immunity.

We know of the direct relationship between our defenses and our living habits.

Good nutrition (as much as possible with organic products), and healthy lifestyle habits, using and respecting the resources available in the environment, increase our immunity and any resistance to possible infections, whether bacterial or viral, in any stage of our life while we prevent different ailments for the future.

We fully recommend in the present pandemic, common sense and prudence. Be very careful about incorporating metals in our body such as aluminum. Make sure that the composition of medicine, vaccine or remedy is easily available.

If we always recommend healthy eating habits, now we do it more than ever.

In this way, we will not only strengthen our immunity, but we will also respect our bodies.

Certain food supplements, such as , or probiotics such as , can help us in this regard.

Cellular Nutrition

We at Neutraceutis also advise “fleeing from fear”, since it is a factor that lowers our defenses and weakens us. Fear closes our arteries, reduces our cellular nutrition and generates a significant reduction in the absorption of oxygen while breathing.

In fact, there are some studies on how fear expands the lungs and if it stays long, it can lead to continuous pneumonia and cough. Fear is instilled in the person with a subtle but continuous supply of bad news.

Therefore it is better to be away from the media’s sensationalism and its well-known manipulation of information to make us think how bad everything seems to be.

Have a positive point of view, act with the correct data and be consistent in your decisions. It is of utmost importance today that you verify the sources that inform you.  Not all sources, as safe as they may seem, are truthful and have honest intentions.

If you cannot look straight at this evil from the sources that the traditional media provide, at least consider looking at other sources for more data and thus be able to compare both reasonings.

Exploring Possible Causes: Electromagnetic Fields

There has been a lot of speculation about the causes, and after studying different theories, hypotheses and investigations on the subject, from the most rigorous and scientific, to the conspiracy types of theories with their suppositions on who may be behind such vile evil, I have come to my own conclusions.

There is an aspect that we must always observe: its patterns, which coincided or were repeated in each epidemic or pandemic as you want to call it. Well, here I would like to give my humble opinion in this regard.

Of all the explanations and plausible causes, I make the following conclusion:

This pandemic coincided with the beginning of the emission of radio waves. To be brief, this caused that people affected by these waves to have cellular intoxication and in order to clean these cells we have to excrete the waste, which we call “virus.” Please watch the video below for a better understanding.

Well, there is research on the virus and its spread which shows that the infections started at different points between continents thousands of kilometers apart in a short period of time (only two weeks) at the same time that a ship was able to cross the ocean in question.  Interesting . . .  At that time, air transport did not yet exist.

So each pandemic coincided with a technological leap like the one in World War II with the establishment of thousands of radars, where an epidemic also occurred. And the one we are now going through with the 5G issue just started in China in the area where full 5G coverage started.

Dr. Thomas Cowan explains it perfectly to us in 10 minutes, at the conference he gave at the Summit of Health and Human Rights in Tucson, Arizona, on March 12, 2020.

Other studies done can be found by Arthur Robert Firstenberg in his book, The Invisible Rainbow.

The Invisible Rainbow: “A History of Electricity and Life.”

I would like to end by saying that I know of many judicious researchers and scientists who have been exposing the truth since the last century. I have left two for you to see and study, to observe for yourself and come to your own conclusions. What is true for you after investigating all this will not be the same, I assure you.

Vicente Martinez