Candidiasis Program Pack


The most effective candidiasis treatment! We include a FREE bottle of Magnesium for colon and liver cleanse. With 100% natural minerals and vitamins.

This pack includes Alkimia 400 gm and Algasol, both bottles contain 90 capsules plus a Magnesium bottle 300 gm. Get FREE shipping in all European and UK orders today! * Rates apply for USA and rest of the world.

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We have designed a candidiasis program pack to effectively handle candidiasis in your body.

The Candidiasis Program Pack Includes:

  • 1 Alkimia bottle
  • 2 Algasol bottles
  • 1 Naturmag Magnesium Salts.

This pack has been designed to last for 2 months. The time required for this program and treatment for candida.


Every day before breakfast, lunch, and dinner you take 1 Algasol capsule. Then you take 2 teaspoons dissolved in 1 liter of water, shake before take and drink it throughout the day and before every meal. As an option, you can take it with a glass of water with half of a teaspoon before each meal.


  • You can include raw ginger in salads, and oregano oil essence (few drops diluted in olive oil spoon every morning to speed up the program).
  • Drink Alkimia 3 hours after the last meal of the day and 1/2 hour before going to bed, it improves its detox effect.
  • We recommend that you follow the nutrition advice list for colon cleanse.

Include 4 FREE  Documents to download:

  1. Nutrition advice list,
  2. Instructions Colon and Liver Cleanse,
  3. 7 Proposals for Alkaline recipes and
  4. Nutritional presentation.

What is Candida?

We really have to understand what candidiasis is to be able to treat it and most importantly avoid its outbreak. Candida is a yeast that normally lives inside our intestinal flora.

The intestinal flora is formed by microorganisms that regulate the food that reaches the intestine, cleanses us and absorbs nutrients. This yeast is responsible for destroying toxins from the body and digesting those harmful substances that enter the intestine.

Natural Antibiotics

Antibiotics kill bacteria, kill good ones, and kill bad ones. When a person is sick due to some bacteria, their doctor orders them to take an antibiotic. But what happens then? The antibiotic destroys the bad bacteria and also the good ones. There is a widespread error among people who self-medicate and is to take antibiotics to a virus infection.

It must be made clear that the antibiotic is not to kill viruses, but bacteria. Many people who have colds or who have colds take antibiotics. This is not worth anything. The word antibiotic means anti-life. The antibiotic destroys the millions of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal flora. A person who has abused antibiotics a lot during his life, or at least for a long period, practically has a very damaged intestinal flora, very weakened … without life.

Learn more about candida in the following article: “

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