General Body Detox Pack

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An exclusive Nutraceutis program based on a strict regime and diets that includes 3 natural products: Alkimia, Algasol & Magnesium Salts. We also include 6 free downloadable files that will provide you practical tips on how to achieve great results.

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General Body Detox Pack Includes:

This pack includes the following nutraceuticals:

  • 1  
  • 2  
  • 1 . 

Duration: approx. 2 months.

You can purchase these products separately regardless of taking this program or not.

General Body Detox Pack – Get it Now!

We recommend following the nutrition advice list and at least do a Colon Cleanse for better results. 

And 6 FREE  Documents to download:

  1.  Nutrition advice list,
  2.  Instructions for colon cleanse,
  3.  Instructions for liver cleanse
  4.  7 Proposals of alkaline recipes,
  5.  Nutritional presentation,
  6.  How to do General Body Detox.

Benefits of doing a general body detox*

  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • These products are a great support of the immune system
  • Will revitalize your body energy
  • Get rid of unwanted toxins
  • Improve your body functions in general

If you want more information about this program you can visit the general detox page which of this particular program. Don’t hesitate to a message if you have further questions.

We strongly recommend doing a for better results.


As part of the general body detox pack we include essential documents that are going to be helpful in order to get rid of unwanted toxins in your body that might be affecting your well-being.

Every supplements plays an important role. For instance Magnesiumg has been known a great colon cleanser.

“Magnesium helps with constipation problems and is an excellent colon cleanser when taken with large amounts of water.”

Toxics basically affect cells.

The manifestation of this toxicity is reflected in the different systems and organs (circulatory system, heart, bone marrow). At other times it is the skin that is affected. There are many people who show it through the liver and bile ducts. It can also affect the immune system, with the uncontrolled proliferation of different cells, (an autoimmune disease). Logically, the kidneys are the organs that are more exposed to damage, since they filter and accumulate toxins.

† Results may vary

*Disclaimer: These products are not intented to cure, treat or get rid of any illness. The information above are not claims that have been proven by your national medical association such as FDA or EMEA.



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