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Candidiasis Natural Program

The candidiasis natural program by Nutraceutis is based on different studies and years of experience in the field of candida Albicans fungus handling. The effectiveness of this program is based on the quality of our natural nutraceuticals with the perfect combination of alkaline diets that effectively control the fungus that affects your body in a great deal.

We provide professional coaching for candida handling

You must have the necessary guidance in order to begin any natural program, especially when trying to eradicate the adverse effects of the candida fungus. You will achieve this with us as you will have the necessary guidance on how to take natural supplements, tailor-made diets, and the necessary changes in your eating routines that will make a difference.

Alkaline diets

We will provide you alkaline diets with personalized menus that are easy to follow and affordable. No strange or expensive diets.

Natural supplements

Optimum results on this program are achieved by having the correct and specific supplements. Our 100% natural nutraceuticals have the essential components to fight and erradicate the candida Albicans fungus.


If you don’t have the correct advisor then most likely you won’t achieve the expected result, this is how many programs or handlings are not correctly done. We have specialists who take years to help people eliminate the bodily effects of the candida fungus.

Can you actually handle candidiasis with natural supplements?

To achieve optimal results in any candidiasis natural program we want to perform, we have to have an active and positive attitude.

And YES it can be cleaned.

are necessary to restore your intestinal flora and strengthen your immune system.

We have and give you the tools, but you have to do your part; especially if we are talking about treating and eliminating candidiasis. We face a job that requires involvement, commitment, changes in habits and high doses of patience. You must understand the candidiasis treatment that in the same way that we get sick in a day, reversing the process is not a month’s thing.

For these reasons, we suggest you put yourself in the hands of trained professionals since each person needs specific guidelines depending on their needs.

Candidiasis natural program

Diets & Supplements

Customized diet guidelines.

Alkaline diets are an essential part of this program, we have prepared a complete document on “” since education in the types of food that should play an important role in treating candida Albicans fungus. In addition, we provide people who have started the candidiasis program with 100% natural treatment a link to a downloadable pdf file as an educational guide on alkaline diets and menus.

Less antibiotics, more nutraceuticals …

When you use antibiotics to eliminate bacteria in the body then it eliminates good and bad bacteria. But let us tell you that your intestinal flora depends on good bacteria and these are not easily restored naturally. Natural supplements for candidiasis are key in this process, this help to restore and also detoxify your body from the harmful effects of antibiotics.

We customize your program

We help you improve your lifestyle

It’s true that our products, such as Alkimia, Algasol, and Naturmag, play an important role in the candida natural treatment but also it’s true that our personalized assistance makes the REAL difference. Together along with you, we will analyze which nutraceutical supplements should or should not be taken, which is the correct diet depending on your lifestyle, the correct schedules, etc. We really care that you achieve the best results and the ideal physical stability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Candidiasis

Learn and clear your doubts!

What symptoms should I pay attention to?

Potential candidiasis symptoms are fatigue, tiredness, malaise, abdominal distension, headaches, intestinal problems, indigestion, reflux, desire to consume carbohydrates, feeling of depression and dizziness.

What is the duration of this natural treatment?

Our program has been designed to last 1 month with the nutraceuticals that come in the package that you purchase on this site.

How does the candida fungus grow?

This fungus lives in harmony with other bacteria in the intestinal flora and does not produce major changes or consequences in the human body but when it has saturation of carbohydrates and refined foods is when its spread increases and causes the problems mentioned above.

Tell more about your coaching

The best way to treat the candida fungus is with nutraceuticals and alkaline diets. Why? there are no side effects. Every person has different metabolisms, and we recommend that we must make a full analysis first and the results will indicate which are the best diets and menus that are to follow through all the program

Get Coaching!

Regardless of where they are in the world, we can give you the necessary advice and help you get started immediately.

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