Weight Loss

This is a 100% effective weight loss program that includes 3 essential natural supplements, downloadable PDF instructions with a healthy alkaline diet without a weight-loss rebound. In addition, it includes the assistance of a naturopathic expert with tailor-made instructions and cases of proven studies and optimal results successfully obtaining a healthier body.

Proven Results

Our program, contains diets, coaching, and supplements. It really contains the VITAL element and these are nutraceuticals. These natural supplements provide minerals and vitamins, help detoxify your body, eliminate all possible fat and maintain a healthy life with energy, vitality and your ideal weight.

Alkaline Diets

According to your degree of alkalinity, you will be given instructions on what alkaline foods you should consume and the appropriate proportions.

Practical Instructions

All supplements or nutraceuticals are taken in a simple way. Results depend on your discipline and determination.

Natural Supplements

Our are nutritional supplements that contain natural elements and active components, which combined with the right nutrition create the right balance in your body.

Nutritional Advices

Throughout this program, you will have the specialized coaching by a trained naturopath. He will help you out to achieve your goal and maintain the ideal weight after this effective weight loss program. It’s not required to have a strange or prolonged diet, but appropriate diets for your body and metabolism.

Improve Your Physical Well-Being

We design this weight loss program to solve immediate bodily problems and also to improve and lead healthier lifestyles and make you feel the desirable vigor, weight, and energy throughout your life.

Diets & detox plans

We recommend to follow our nutrition tips provided in PDF, and we strongly recommend to at least do a colon cleanse for the best results. It is always important to note that the results may vary. It should be noted that all these steps must be programmed with your personal naturopathic consultant and have a defined application time.

What’s next after losing weight?

Learn to keep the results

Education and active learning

We have a monthly plan of publishing articles and documents (in pdf) so you can have them at hand. They are not only articles but documents based on research and studies that have been verified. This information will keep up-to-date on what is needed in order to keep your ideal weight.

Access to diets and menu proposals

We have prepared a series of menu and diet proposals that you can choose to take once you finish the program. Our well-known and our “”.

The best method to lose weight

All in one package

This package includes our 2 most popular supplements for their outstanding effectiveness: and Algasol. These two natural supplements contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids that help to get rid of toxic and repair any damage. One of the qualities of our program is that we are dedicated to detoxifying what is preventing you from losing weight properly and then maintaining those results.


Let’s clear your doubts

What is the duration of this program?

It lasts for 1 month, the supplements that are included in the package are designed to have that duration.

Does it has a weight-loss rebound?

This program has been tested and re-designed to eliminate the rebound effect that concerns most people who have tried different methods.

Does coaching or personalized consultation have a price?

When you start the program you will have a totally FREE consulting. Then, when advancing in the program, you can opt for specialized coaching that have an additional cost. This is clarified once you contact the consultant.

Where can you ship these supplements to?

We make free shipments to the United Kingdom and Europe by purchasing this package. Shipments to USA, Latin America, Asia and Oceania have special prices, these are available once you pass through the shopping cart. Some countries such as Mexico and Colombia have strict customs regulations, so we recommend using a P.O. Box in the USA that facilitates shipments to these countries (or any country with this problem). Prices may vary but we always look for the cheapest shipment options. Visit our .

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