Naturmag natural magnesium


We have always been told that calcium is necessary for the formation of robust and perfect bones.

The media have informed us even boredom about how important calcium is to have a bone system in conditions. But recent research points in another direction since Magnesium is the one that is fundamental for your skeletal system.

The lack of magnesium and its consequences, such as:

• Degeneration of cartilage and the appearance of diseases such as osteoarthritis and joint pain.
• Muscle discomfort such as cramps, contractures, tingling, numbness, tremors.
• Tachycardia, abnormal rhythms of the heart and coronary spasms.
• Arterial hypertension.
• Headaches and jaws for tensions.
• Vertigos.
• Spasms in the eyelids, esophagus, stomach or intestine.
• Tingling around the mouth.
• Photophobia, difficulty adapting to light, vision of little lights with closed eyes.
• Tiredness in the morning upon awakening, fatigue, weakness.
• Lack of appetite.
• Vomiting and Nausea
• Oppression in the chest and difficulty in breathing deeply.
• Constipation
• Menstrual cramps.
• Difficulty swallowing or feeling a lump in the throat.
• Hypersensitivity to noise.
• Desires to consume salt and chocolate.
• Nervous system disorders: insomnia, anxiety, hyperactivity, restlessness, panic attacks, phobias.
• Osteoporosis.
• Cavities.
The fact of having at least two of these symptoms advises some magnesium supplement and we will notice the improvement.

In NUTRACEUTIS we have magnesium and the rest of the 73 minerals necessary for life in these two formulas: Alkimia and Moshi-Moshi.

A bath of Epsom salts, which contains magnesium sulfate, is perfect for people with magnesium deficiency, it is absorbed through the skin and replenishes reserves of magnesium.