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During 3 years I studied  naturopathic nutrition and the natural products that help the most to our bodies. For more than two years I observed the nutritional deficiencies and the ailments and imbalances that the clients explained they had, due to bad eating habits and excessive consumption of real poisons for the body that in our society happen to be “food”. Such as: Soft drinks, dairy, the industrial bakery, fried, canned food, precooked, genetically modified products, food additives, herbicides and pesticides in fruits and vegetables, medicines in excess.

What kind of ailments or imbalances did these clients slowly develop with this type of diet?

Digestive problems in the first place; Constipation, irritable bowel, diarrhea, heartburn, slow reflux and digestion, wear and tear on the joints and bones or insomnia among the most important. Also a progressive lack of minerals, vitamins that lead to ailments such as digestive problems, joint problems, lack of appetite that leads to malnutrition and reduced bone density. Furthermore fatigue, constipation, insomnia all due to the great loss of minerals and other nutrients. I came to the following conclusion:

FOOD NATUROPATHY COULD HELP REDUCE HEALTH EXPENDITURE It is well known that in today’s society there are not too many people who eat properly, not because they do not eat vegetables, fruits or cereals, but because they do not consume food that the organism assimilates properly. This is the goal of food Naturopathy, a type of nutrition that, if applied to a greater extent, would help to avoid many bodily problems and imbalances that are called “diseases”.

We must understand that today the products we buy in supermarkets and supermarkets are foods that are highly contaminated by the use of pesticides and herbicides. That is why it is necessary that, as far as possible, we base our diet on the concepts that food naturopathy promulgates:

  • Include organically grown foods in your diet.
  • Do not consume products that have been genetically altered.
  • Avoid eating foods of animal origin, due to its high acidifying power, which generates a lot of toxicity in our body when they are metabolized.
  • Do not overcook foods so they do not lose their nutrients or alkaline qualities.
  • It is advisable to support our diet in the consumption of certain food supplements or nutraceuticals, since their pure and concentrated nutrients will be easily assimilated by our body.

All this helps in a very positive way to avoid many ailments and imbalances. Now a poor diet leads slowly to a myriad of disorders, ailments and imbalances that will only make a consumption of illegal or legal drugs. As a food naturopath I know well the general detoxification programs with natural remedies and using supplements or nutraceuticals that accelerate the general detoxification of the organism together with a basic alkaline diet.

How can we apply this in a simple way?

That was the question I asked myself and so I began my great project that I’m in now. Welcome one more time to my official Nutraceutis web page, I invited you to get in contact for any consult that you need to do.

Vicente Martinez

Vicente Martínez

Vicente Martínez

CEO and Founder

My name is Vicente Martínez Diego and dedicated myself to the naturopathic nutrition and body detox techniques.  

Certified by the Naturopathic Collegiate Organization CIF – 91688028 Reg. # 588874.