What is the anti-mucus diet?

I have written for you the definitive guide on this anti-mucus diet aka mucusless diet and its great benefits.

First of all, we are going to explain what is the healing system by anti-mucus diet.

It is the system in which a gradual and progressive transition is made going from mucus forming foods to those that do not produce mucus.

Inside our bodies, those foods that create mucus break down into viscous substances.

For instance, you can cook rice until it becomes a very sticky substance, well that is mucus. As an interesting fact, say that rice is used as a glue for books. Quite a coincidence.

The mucusless diet (aka anti-mucus – without mucus) is based on the consumption of all kinds of fruits and green leafy vegetables, raw or semi-cooked. The method of achieving health on this mucus diet includes intermittent fasting and a progressive change to a diet with foods that do not create mucus as I mentioned.

The diet itself brings health to your body to any imbalance or health problem, but fasting accelerates this improvement.

All disease, no matter what name traditional medicine has given it, is “constipation” (constipation or obstruction in the area or organ), says Professor Arnold Ehret, creator of the Mucusless Diet Healing System.

Step 1: Intermittent Fasting

To start with I would like to explain a basic fact that occurs when we begin to detoxify our body.

Fact: When you start a detox, your body will go through two very different phases.

Stage 1 remove the accumulated toxicity and

Stage 2  elimination of these toxins.

The next thing you should know and understand is: that intermittent fasting is the key to helping your body eliminate toxins since these are better removed so that during the night your body can perform its final cleansing.

With the passage of time, there is an accumulation of toxins in our body in tissues, cells, organs. The best way to remove these toxins is through an adequate diet with green leafy vegetables, fruits, and raw sprouts.

What really occurs is that these foods when ingested begin to remove toxins from the cells and are sent to our blood circulation, this is Stage 1 mentioned above, but they must be eliminated, right? Now Stage 2 comes into operation, through our elimination of toxins in the organs.

So far, our process has been very simple.

Why does fasting help to eliminate toxins?

You have to understand a fact, which is obvious and you can observe by yourself.

It is a fact that it performs digestion, our body is not able to load itself with the extraction of toxins and the organs that are involved in such digestion.

It is only when the digestion has finished and the organs are free of toxins is when actually the detoxification work begins. But there is a problem and it is that shortly after this starts, it happens that in general we are hungry again and if we access this sensation and eat again, we will cut off these elimination tasks.

The Value of Intermittent Fasting

The value of intermittent fasting and its benefits are very easy to explain.

With its application, we will achieve a good balance between the periods of eating food and those of removing and eliminating toxins.

The important key points are:

  • Avoid abundant meal, keep it light.
  • Allow several hours to pass between meals.
  • Get enough sleep, 8 hours a day being optimal to achieve more “detox hours”.
  • Dinner well in advance before going to sleep. So when you start sleeping you start a correct detox.

During the night, sleep is the best time of fasting for our organism since it is neither working or exercising nor is it performing digestions and therefore it can be totally involved in the extraction of toxins using all the elimination through the most important organs, such as the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin.

That is why fasting is vital when performing liver cleansing.

Brief description of what intermittent fasting is:

It is the action of extending the process of purifying toxins by not eating food for more hours than usual, these toxins have been dumped into our circulation thanks to the consumption of raw vegetables, fruits, and sprouts or with the help of food supplements.


    1. You should not carry out a diet with only fruits, vegetables, or sprouts if your level of poisoning is high. Its excessive consumption could lead to the release of toxins into circulation in an amount greater than what your body can manage. Be careful we, do not want you to throw in the towel quickly because of unwanted symptoms that I will mention later.
    2. Eat a balanced amount of fruits and vegetables to dump an optimal amount of toxins. Note: a problem that vegans have is that they dump a large number of toxins in circulation and this degenerates into what is known as “latent illness”.
    3. Fasting for one or two days helps give your body enough time to restart and eliminate as many toxins as highly recommended.

Important data

The detox functions and its ability to manage the flow of toxins dumped into the blood circulation is determined by the purity and ability of the detoxification organs. The consumption of raw fruits and vegetables are essential for your health and favor increasing the cleansing ability of your body.

Stage 2: Toxins purification in the mucusless diet

The vitality of an organism is recovered in direct proportion to the release of obstruction caused by toxins, therefore only by eliminating toxicity is health restored.

What reduces vitality to the organism is not the lack of nutrients, it is the excess and toxins that must be removed.

Organism Detox

The body is not purified or repaired with food, it is cleaned and repaired through fasting, this is called “self-healing”.

The more toxic an organism is, the worse it will assimilate the nutrients from food.

Low toxin foods

Fruits and certain raw foods are ideal for man but they are only in conditions of low toxicity, that is when we are detoxified. Currently, we are not detoxified at all.

The Correct Fast

Fast occurs when the body is not engaged in digestive labor. It is the condition in which our body allocates all its energy for purifying and repairing work, which is why in English it is called Fasting, which means acceleration.

The body when it has the slightest opportunity uses its energy to repair itself, so the seven or eight-hour night fast is not enough to release years of accumulated toxemia. Eating a lot and often the body spends all day in digestive tasks, even if we sleep eight hours, we do not have enough time for our bodies to detoxify.

Detoxification Stages

Detoxification has two stages: in the first stage, the toxins are removed from the cells and tissues and the onslaught into the bloodstream, in the second stage, the detox organs such as the liver or colon expel these toxins out of the body gradually and through of the extraction process and with fasting.

Purifying food and its function

Purifying foods in the anti-mucus diet put toxins into circulation but only fasting leaves the filters unoccupied so that they can be eliminated.

Only in times of fasting the elimination filters have enough force to work in elimination tasks, therefore if purifying foods are consumed without allowing the body to fast totally or partially, the only thing that we guarantee is a large amount of slag put into circulation. Many of which will not be able to be eliminated by our elimination filters.

A diet exclusively based on raw fruits and vegetables is not healthy in current intoxication conditions, the reason for this is that they are very energetic foods with a great capacity to remove toxins from our cells and tissues, putting them into circulation for elimination, but our filters are not prepared to eliminate large amounts of toxicity at once and that is why raw fruits and vegetables should be consumed in a moderately conscious and rational way.

Stage 3: Elimination of Toxins

The body of any normal person on the street, due to his/her eating habits, will not be able to manage the large accumulation of toxins and ends up becoming a real toxin dump.

“Realize that they are toxins that we accumulate year after year throughout our lives.”

They are toxins that we receive from the outside, but above all toxins that we create inside us through a diet based on unhealthy mixtures and incompatible foods.

Eliminating this accumulated toxemia completely with an anti-mucus diet that gradually removes toxins can take between 15 and 20 years to reach a state of minimal or practically no toxemia.

People intoxicate their bodies years and years, unfortunately, this is the reality. We hear in the media from many experts that our body is going to detoxify with a fruit diet or with a fast of a week or a month that is completely false. We need years to completely detoxify our bodies.

Of course, the simple act of cleansing your system with each fast is the way.

But everything is about to start with intermittent fasting and soon one realizes the benefits and changes on a physical, mental, and, we could even say spiritual, level. These are the great benefits of the mucusless diet.

What is a cleansing crisis?

It is a series of symptoms that take place when the body has put toxins into circulation to be eliminated. It is an effort of the organism to remove slags stored in it.

Some common detox symptoms can include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Low vital energy
  • Irritability
  • nervousness
  • Hangover feelings such as when we drink alcohol.

When you have a cleansing crisis we must think that it is a good and logical thing. However, you see people thinking that it is a bad thing and what they do is they drink a beer to remove the hangover or start eating and then that ends with the detoxification or with that fasting stage and then we stop the detoxification at that moment.

Only by a body detox of toxic substances can vital energy be recovered.

At Nutraceutis we can design a personalized program for you so that you can progress gradually and smoothly.

I always advised our customers to go in a gradual way, there is no rush and it can be done very easily.

Our interest is to help improve your body, with foods or supplements with great energy supply and the power to eliminate toxins, such as alkalizing foods or purifying supplements, which have the power to circulate many toxins, and that is why these crises or these cleansing symptoms can occur.

Important Aspects

It is important to know what a cleansing crisis consists of so that when it occurs you know that it is something that can happen and continue with the process and not to stop it.

Another aspect to keep in mind is when I observe a person who has strong or too long symptoms of a cleansing crisis, this is not a good indicator and means that the body has circulated a number of toxins greater than the person’s elimination capacity.

Remember that filters are generally very saturated and if there are a large number of toxins dumped in the circulation they will not be eliminated. This should occur gradually in order to avoid major discomforts.

The toxins in circulation that cannot be eliminated will remain in the blood and will be reabsorbed, and thus intoxicating you again.

Therefore, it is better to do things with a correct gradient so as not to fall into the mistake of generating a load of toxins that degenerates into more intoxication and more acidification with the corresponding unnecessary discomfort.

We will moderate the taking of supplements and purifying foods a little so that the person does not accelerate too much in the purification and gradually purify.

We must approach each case carefully and give the person the necessary recommendations. In my opinion, light and temporary symptoms are normal, but if the person has symptoms that are too long or severe, this means that he is one level above that person’s cleansing possibilities and we will begin to slow down and be more moderate.

In our recommendations, we will always closely follow the person until he is well again, and be clear that all this has to be done gradually step by step.

The importance of alkaline foods in the mucusless diet.

The way to achieve that the purification is gradual is realizing a diet based on alkaline and neutral foods, and with very few acids. This prevents the purification crisis from occurring since neutrals, although much healthier than acids, slow down this purification process a little more and make purification take place in a balanced way. Such diets are also part of the anti-mucus diet.

Purifications made in a fast way acidify the body in excess and part of those toxins released will be reabsorbed again as I have mentioned since the filters are not capable of managing that flow to eliminate them.

These foods are not so perfect but are relatively well digested in the intestine and leave almost no residue and not much digestive energy is needed. They clean less than the fruits and some for their fiber drag a lot of dirt.

Neutral foods for the anti-mucus diet

Starchy vegetables (cooked)

Non-starchy vegetables (uncooked)

Cooked fruits

Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage Green leaves Apples
Peas, beans, green beans Celery Pears
Pumpkin, zucchini Tomatoes Plantains
Onion Cucumber
Spinach, chard Grated carrot
Asparagus, leek, artichoke Grated beetroot
Beetroot, turnip, eggplant, carrot
Tender corn
Garlic, pepper
Mushrooms & champignon mushrooms

ALL your Starch become Simple sugars.

For example, the combination of some of our supplements such as Algasol or Alkimia (algae and minerals essentially) which favor the dumping of toxins in circulation and the application of intermittent fasts that facilitate elimination is the key to success.

After years of working in naturopathy, I have realized that I was wrong in many things but finally I can say that where one should put all his effort is in continuous cleansing through intermittent fasting.

This is a viable and functional technique for your health, but it is also for your family, friends, and acquaintances, and why not, to any person on the street that you do not know but want to help, teach these data that are so important to have. good health.

Give your body time to eliminate toxins and for this simple, you must apply intermittent fasting, an anti-mucus diet, and certain supplements that accelerate if you wish. These data are simple but very powerful.

The data about the anti-mucus diet aka the mucusless diet has been explained here as functional after its proven effectiveness. In its responsibility to put them into practice, Nutraceutis is a mere transmitter of information that understands that these are the correct and true data or knowledge to achieve a healthy body. Please consult your doctor if you are under any medical treatment before you start this diet and system.