The Gut Bacteria is the set of living microorganisms that inhabit our intestines and with which we establish a relationship of symbiosis and mutual help.

It acts as one more organ and they perform functions for the proper development of the organs, metabolism and are the key to our immune system.

What makes a person who exercises and has a fairly healthy diet, not lose weight just like another person who acts in a more disciplined way.

What is the factor that differentiates these types of people?

We usually blame this on our metabolism, as if it were something beyond our control.

But there are examples in nature that explain this to us in a very simple way of understanding, and the Gut Bacteria in these cases is the key.

“There are migratory birds that travel thousands of kilometers. Before doing so they change their diet completely. Increase, in proportion to humans between 6 or 7 kilos a day. There is a massive change in their intestinal flora that allows them to accumulate fat and retain that calorie intake for the great effort they have to make. When they arrive at their destination they lose the extra weight they have left, even if they stop making the extra effort they were making.

They reach their ideal weight quickly through a change of diet that entails a change of bacterial flora, which causes them to lose weight quickly that they would not lose normally, even if they were fasting completely. ”

There is something more complex than the calories we consume to determine our weight or immune system.

In the 21st century, certain pathologies have become apparent, and much more frequent, such as autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma … etc.

In recent years these incidents have risen a lot, as well as the rise in overweight in the population.

There has been a change in our organism, something has changed in our intestinal flora, and the time has come to give it the attention it deserves.

One of the things that have changed has been the increase in antibiotic consumption, especially those called broad spectrum. This destroys the intestinal flora in a massive way since our bacteria are susceptible to antibiotics.

But not all bacteria; We have one called Clostridium Difficile, which is resistant to antibiotics and when the rest decreases, it begins to grow because there is a massive terrain where it can grow in an exaggerated way.

If we understand this, we understand that it is crucial to have good intestinal flora to have good health and a healthy weight.

We have tens of thousands of different types of bacteria in our body, and the more different they are, the better our metabolism and the stronger our immune system.

How can I improve my intestinal flora to correct my weight, digestions, and defenses?

The first thing is to consume prebiotics that contains enough strains to repopulate the intestinal flora and nourish it, since our intestinal flora helps us increase the bioavailability and absorption of substances we usually ingest, especially vitamins and minerals.

Probiotics are the food that our bacteria will use to develop and grow.

If this is the case, when you should take antibiotics, or want to improve your health at a general level or get that ideal weight you want, it is very important to accompany our diet of nutraceuticals that help us achieve it.

Supplements for Gut Bacteria Health

For this reason, it is so important for us that you have the necessary information on why and how our body works and provide it with the supplements that provide us with better Gut Bacteria health and quality of life.

If we regularly incorporate in our diet such basic and beneficial products as or , our intestinal flora will be prepared to protect us and to fight against external pathogens that produce cellular oxygenation, inflammations, overweight, poor digestions, leaky gut, candid …

The intestinal flora feeds on what we eat, we are their home and our bacteria are there to protect us. As an invisible army fighting for us.


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