We are going to talk about natural antioxidants extracted from the best and most potent plants or algae.

When it comes to talk about natural antioxidants we mention a list of fruits or vegetables. But in this article we are going to mention the essential components that bring us great benefits when you find them in correct fruits or vegetables.

Dunaliella Salina Algae

It is a unicellular algae, which belongs to the family Chlorophyceae is known for its accumulation of carotenoids, which have diverse applications in health and nutritional products.


(Bixa Orellana) also known as the achiote plant, is a plant with several medicinal uses. Both roots and leaves are used to treat throat pain, jaundice, dysentery, liver disease, and as an antipyretic agent.

Of course, beta carotene can be found in fruits and vegetables. The orange or red color of these is due to this substance.

“One fact we should know is that Beta-carotene is transformed into vitamin A and is also a great antioxidant, the greatest benefit of taking powerful anti-oxidants is that it slows down the aging of our cells.”

Vicente Martinez

This nutraceutical is a necessary complement in our days since the food that we usually carry does not cover the minimum needs of both: .

Benefits of Natural Antioxidants:

  • It works by destroying free radicals.
  • It helps in the immune process of the organism avoiding the degeneration of cells and tissues.
  • Its antioxidant action power is able to neutralize the negative action of the oxidation of cells.
  • Brakes the oxidation that causes free radicals to form in cells,
  • It helps to have healthier skin.

Free radicals contribute to the aging process when this electron takes cells from the skin tissue affecting the natural collagen it contains. So the skin loses elasticity and tends to get wrinkled and dry.

What is a free radical?

Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that have an unpaired (e-) electron capable of mating, so they are very reactive.

Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that have an unpaired (e-) electron capable of mating, so they are very reactive.

These radicals run through our body trying to steal an electron from the stable molecules, in order to achieve their electrochemical stability.

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