Hepatic Detox Pack

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This program is very easy to do. We  Include a Naturmag Magnesium bottle to do a Colon and liver cleanse and the instructions. 4 Free articles to download.  Read How to Make a Liver Detox and know about all the benefits. 

It is optional but we recommend at the same time do the General Body Detox.





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How to do our Nutraceutis Program

Products: 3  bottles Algasol  + 1 Naturmag Magnesium. 

Duration: 12 days.


Before breakfast: 3 Algasol capsules 

Before lunch: 3 Algasol capsules 

Before dinner: 3  Algasol capsules 

After the Hepatic Detox please carry on taking only  3 algasol capsules per day to maintain your body cleaning.  Instructions Colon and Liver Cleanse included.

It is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. It can also be taken in the form of infusions.  

† Results may vary

 Include 4 FREE  Documents to download

1.-  Nutrition advice list,

2.- Instructions Colon and Liver Cleanse,

3.- 7 Proposals Alkaline recipes and

4.- Nutritional presentation.

 Free shipping.

Magnesium helps with constipation problems and is an excellent colon cleanser when taken with large amounts of water.

Toxics basically affect cells. The manifestation of this toxicity is reflected in the different systems and organs (circulatory system, heart, bone marrow). At other times it is the skin that is affected. There are many people who show it through the liver and bile ducts. It can also affect the immune system, with the uncontrolled proliferation of different cells, (autoimmune disease). Logically, the kidneys are the organs that are more exposed to damage, since they filter and accumulate toxins.

† Results may vary

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