Lose Weight Fast Supplements


Nutraceutical supplements for lose weight fast, 100% natural and effective. The pack includes Alkimia (synergistic) and Algasol (detoxifier).

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Lose Weight Fast Supplements & Program

Products in the Lose Weight Fast Supplements pack:

Duration: 1 month.

Lose Weight Fast Supplements: How they work together?

At first, Algasol helps you to clean your liver and remove toxins that are avoiding you to lose weight. Alkimia is taken along in the same program but helping you to detox your body in general and improves your digestive system. Taken along with the correct fruits, vegetables, and foods it will provide great results. These lose weight fast supplements also work as synergetic.

“To learn more read this article: What is supplement synergy and how can it make you healthier.

What is Chlorella Spirulina and AFA?



Spirulina is very superior in quantity and attributes to the meat protein. Being its metabolism faster and cleaner. It contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is a necessary fat for both the human brain and for a correct cardiac function. What gives Spirulina its characteristic blue color is photochemical that is very beneficial for malignant imbalances. It also contains large amounts of essential fatty acids, minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, and zinc. vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, D, and E.


Chlorophyll source of the best quality. Human hemoglobin and chlorella are very similar. That’s why its consumption causes it to balance and increase the quality of the blood. We advise to take it in people who need a “regeneration” process. As well as in people suffering from degenerative diseases in muscles or nervous system. It comes very well for situations of weakness. An excellent co-helper in the repair of nervous tissues throughout the body and highly recommended in degenerative treatments of the brain and for disorders of the nervous system.


This blue-green algae is a marvel and was found only in Lake Klamath (Oregon, USA). It is very precious because it is very scarce and possesses unique properties for the whole body. Contains the compound “L-selectin binder”.

Ways to Take the Lose Weight Fast Supplements.

Before breakfast: 2  capsules Algasol Alkimia minerals: A glass of water with a teaspoon not heap before each meal. Before lunch:  2 capsules Algasol Alkimia minerals: A glass of water with a teaspoon not heap before each meal. Before Dinner:  2 capsules Algasol Alkimia minerals: A glass of water with a teaspoon not heap before each meal.

We recommend following the nutrition advice list and at least do a Colon Cleanse for better results: Weight Loss Foods.

Include 4 FREE  Documents to download: 1.-  Nutrition advice list when using these 2 loose weight fast supplements 2.- Instructions Colon and Liver Cleanse, 3.- 7 Proposals Alkaline recipes and 4.- Nutritional presentation. † Results may vary

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