My testimonial by Vicente Martinez

The naturopathy has given to me the formal education that I needed in order to improve my health. I have lost 12 kg. and have learnt to feed myself way better. My energy went through the roof with mineral formulas of Alkimia (Solnatura brand ) and the combination of different algaes such as Algasol of Solnatura.

The advanced nutrition subject is a field that has always captivated me. Its study made me realize how mis-informed I was and how many false truths I have been given since early age. Thus I came with personal conclusions that simply they are there with dark purposes way far of sincere help and rather to pure economic interests.

Vicente Martinez.  

What our clients says about our programs…

Gases and Swelling

I have been having stomach problems for a long time such as swelling and gases. I liked very much the information I was given, so I started the improvement program taking Novaflora. In a few days I was much better, with less and swelling, but also better in a general level, more relax and happy. 

Carmen F.



During a time I was suffering severe constipation that there was no way to handle with different treatments. Finally I opt to follow the advices that I receibed and start to put more attention to my diet and with the help of Naturmag now I go to the bathroom every day. My gut went down, I have recovered my vitality and happiness. Is a great change.

Elsa N.


Lack of Energy

“During many years I did exercise and diets but I always felt that I never reached the level of quality of energy and weight that I wish to have. When Vicent spoke to me about the colon and liver cleanse, it indicated to me a lot because during the last year I had sugar problems, sleeping issues, including liquids retention. 

I began to take the products and make the program that he sent me and I lost 3 kg. the first week and in the second week I lost 2 more kgs.. But what I liked the most it was that I felt stable and I wasn’t starving. I have done the liver detox and I have a lot of energy, I sleep well and my weight has stabilized. And when I do exercise my body reacts much better and burn calories rapidly. 

Domingo G.