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What is a Nutraceutical

Nutraceuticals products are nutritional supplements that come from natural raw materials whose active ingredients are in a high degree of concentration. These nutritional complements or nutraceuticals are from source natural products and they are so concentrated and so pure, that they exerts an important nutritional effect in our body. 

Hepatic Detox

Everything that is generated in the intestine, all nutrients and many elements, toxins, etc. they go directly to your liver. So you need to detoxify it and eliminate all residual toxins that directly influence the entire body.

General Body Detox

This General detox program was created with the intention of detoxifying the body gradually. The mineral includes 74 minerals that our body requires in perfect balance and it is very compatible with the human bone structure.

What Our Customers are Saying About Nutraceutis…

“During many years I did exercise and diets but I always felt that I never reached the level of quality of energy and weight that I wish to have. When Vicent spoke to me about the colon and liver cleanse, it indicated to me a lot because during the last year I had sugar problems, sleeping issues, including liquids retention”

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“I have been having stomach problems for a long time such as swelling and gases. I liked very much the information I was given, so I started the improvement program taking Novaflora. In a few days I was much better, with less and swelling, but also better in a general level, more relax and happy.”

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